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Your new cousin Brody was born on the 31st of December 2014 he carries your name as his middle name your Dad and I are his Godparents to precious Brody Leo Curwin
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I lost to   / Nichole Lanser (None)
I j hade a thirteen year old buddy who die of the choke game it still hurts b this day I am soory. For the lost
12 day's to Christmas   / Mom
Hi Honey Well today is 12.12.12 wow that sound so weird there is allot going on in the next few weeks.Jill is having her Christmas party at her new home she only been married 5 months her husband Matt is very nice he is your friend Mikie brother.Aun...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday Darling   / Mom
Happy Birthday in Heaven My Child

Please help those all around me, to see and understand
That even though my child’s in heaven
The memories of our time together, are always here to stay
You s...  Continue >>
My precious Leo   / Mom
Hi Honey I don't know where to turn or who to talk too ,I am slowly falling apart it been too longwithout you God the pain never stops I feel like a piece of glass that has been shattered the shardes of glass stab my heartwith each breatht I take .I ...  Continue >>
miss you man   / Mason Sheehan (best friend )
hey Leo been thinking of you today things are real hard right now and i know if you were hear you'd be right beside me seeing me through this. Man i wish you were here its almost too hard.
Hey my big brown eye boy  / Mom     Read >>
Happy Thanksgiving Darling I miss you  / Mom     Read >>
hey dude  / Rob     Read >>
Tomorrow is Mother's Day  / Mom     Read >>
5 years..Hardest day of the year.  / Vaness Miller (friend)    Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Jo-Ann Pacenta Lauren's Mom (Mom of an angel )    Read >>
For Leo  / Diante Wayne ((Braden Erickson's friend) )    Read >>
My love  / Mom     Read >>
it's such a shame for us to part  / Amy (Friend)    Read >>
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His legacy
Letter I found after Leo died about the skate park  


Dated 04/06/05

Leave now you punk, these are words that I am familiar to hearing

My Name is Leo Mcphee I am 16 years old and I am a BMX rider. I think this city should consider getting us the skate park we were promised, according to plans it should have been done already, why lie to us why put it off?

There are Many of skate boarders, mountain bikers and Bmx riders that are tired of getting kicked out of spots for riding, when without a park those spots are all we have, I don’t like the fact that we (skaters, bikers) get a negative image for doing what we love to do on the streets all over the city, because there is no where else to ride, skate

If the skate park were to be built, think of the money the city would make, people would pay to ride it, it would become an attraction people from Moncton or Fredericton for example might come to ride it, it would make the market square are boom with business people going to eat and shop. It would also help out small businesses like syndicate a skate board shop, and bike works they would make more business if there were a park.

Lately Drugs and Gang violence have been a problem all over the world, this city doesn’t have a huge problem with it, But imagine if we had a Skate park it might pull kids away from that area of a lifestyle they could start skating or biking and stay away from drugs or gangs, The city and all the people would benefit from having a park, There wouldn’t be anyone riding by the boardwalk to wreck ledges from grinding, and no swearing from people falling and no garbage laying around from people riding or skating the spots.

If you wont at least keep your word about building the concrete park, Could you at least consider putting back the wooden ones you took away, like the one at harbour station or the one in the Westside tennis courts, now that would be a great place for a wooden park no one uses them and almost all of the cities biking population comes from the Westside.

If money is an issue then just build a good wooden skate park for us, Miramichi for example has a massive park its wooden and they make money from it they charge money daily for kids to ride it, and they hold annual competitions so hotels and malls, stores make money, we could have the exact same thing.

If funds are a problem me and other bikers are trying to find a way to fundraise to get money to help out with construction, but if the concrete park is out of the question please consider building one out of the wooden ramps that were at harbour station and the Westside tennis courts, that were taken away for no reason, and consider buying more wood and we (bikers and skaters) will add on to it.

I hope this letter makes a difference because I know a lot of people want this park to happen, we are tired of being lied to about getting it, give us all the information on the progress and the set backs, but I think we deserve this park, because it will keep us out of trouble and away from drugs, Thank you for reading this, if it’s not to much to ask, could you send a letter back letting me know the situation on the park, Thank you, Leo mcphee.

I'll be Missing You By Chris Moore( Thank you Chris from my heart)  
I’ll Be Missing You – Remix
By Chris Moore

Verse One

I had a good friend who BMXed a lot,
Now he lays in a graveyard lot,
Cause the choking game is on of those dangerous things,
Gave a close brother a set of wings
The air is cut, is hard to breathe,
Gives some kids the stupid high they need,
The reason for this I just don’t see,
But I see this will never happen to me
Cause I seen it happen to such a great friend,
I’m preaching the truth man, I don’t pretend.
Think about it now, think about it strong,
I hope you realize this game is wrong,
That’s what I’m telling you in this remixed song.
I’d give anything to hear half your breathe,
I know Leo is still living after death.

Verse Two

Listen to these words, listen to us sign,
Your passin away was a painful thing,
Careful to the kids that play this game,
Like my buddy Leo, his time had came,
And it’s just not worth the hurt and pain,
Why make it so nobody can see you again?
I’d give anything to hear half your breathe,
I know Leo is still living after death.

Verse Three

Pedal hard with lots of pride,
I will always live to ride,
If you’re in pain and have questions, don’t run and hide,
Come forth with the questions, you wouldn’t be denied.
Leo died trying a foolish game ,this is Leo ruling by the New Brunswick Coroner Office  
Leo's Life  

Our son Leo Louis Mcphee was born on September 26 1989 to John (Danny) & Rosemarie (Rose) McPhee and a little brother to Danielle (October 27 1986). Leo was born at 9:50 am on a Tuesday one month early weighing 6lb 2 oz. Leo's baptism was November 5,1989,god son to his Aunt & Uncle Mary and Steven Cullen  on mother day 1990 Leo first crawl on his hands and knee  on august 28 1990 Leo took his first steps at age four Leo had the chicken pox may 23 1994  is the cutes baby he never cried was Always so playful Leo was and always be a mamma boy he first walked on august 28 1990.leo played school hockey for saint rose elementary from 1998 -1999 Leo also played lacrosse in 2001 where he most time in the penetaly box.

When Danielle was about four Leo was sleeping on the bottom bunk poor Danielle was sick and she threw up on Leo head he never woke up when we told him he was more worried about his sister one time years ago Danielle had a accident her legs were in bad shape Leo took over he was there for her she ever has a balloon that he had filled for her to cheer her up and that balloon is still inflated to this day even thou Danielle is three years older that her brother he always looked after her he was her protector.

When Leo was four he was spider man he wore that out fit for weeks than he grew up at five he became batman I mean he was really batman he wore that cape daily and one time he climbed a small scalfling we had in the yard and what he thought he could fly well he did to the hospital when they called his name Leo mcphee he said mommy there calling my old name my name batman now so the kind nurse call is batman here I will never forget the smile on your face also when you were younger you and Catherine cheviere got married by a friend  you came home crying mommy I’m married and I said that nice to who Catherine  she is a very sweet girl so why are you crying he said mommy I have to move now and I don’t want to ever leave you.

Leo would spend time with his dad they would spend hours on the swing talking about daily things they would go for walks on the trails by the nature park Leo and his father collected die cast model muscle car they have a total of about forty-five Leo favorite being a 1970 black ss nova also a 1968 dodger charger which his father once used to drive in his younger days. They would love to swim at the camp and ride his four wheeler his dad brought for him Danielle and Leo were close to they would skate board ride bikes hang out when they were very young all the neighbor kids and his cousins Melissa Chelsea Kyle Shane Alex played flash light tag after dark of course Leo cheated Danielle would help him dress in all black so he was harder to find.

As for Leo and myself he was my mama boy each night he kiss me goodnight his would kiss his two fingers then press them to my forehead I get the same kiss mornings and after school  we watched movies together in his room because we loved scary movies and we would go to movies titanic   4 times Leo would lay on my knee every day and watch people court as he did he would rub my ear lobs which he done all his life and I miss this time so much he always claimed the front set poor Danielle always sat in back after a while she stop fighting and gave up

 Leo was so loyal he would be there when you need him if not to talk to or he would just listen at Leo funeral there were so many kids the lines were so long the kids had to wait hours to see him we were sorry some were turn away we wanted his friends to be able to say goodbye but mostly we wanted them to see if they play this deadly game this could be you please read up on this foolish game

Leo was always a sun shine in ever one life from the time in started kindergarten and early he always brought me home a rock I don’t know why he did but not a day would go by that I did not get a rock even the day Leo died. We went to the beach a lot when Danielle and Leo were younger they always had a bucket for sea shells and rocks maybe it started there If he was out riding his bike or he ever he was a rock came home with him BJ.Joey and Leo we to the mirmichi to a BMX compation and I got a beautiful rock. Leo was so looking forward to going again this summer with his best friends BJ Clarke Joey PilmerLeo rode with so may others guys JeremyAdamCory Aaron and others Leo girlfriend was Becky Worden at sixteen he truly loved her he would say mom I’m going to marry Becky some day I just laugh because he so young then I think I meet Danny when I was sixteen and we been married twenty years Leo knew love and was loved by Becky even thou they were off again off again.

Leo had so many friends I could never name then all Gabby Amy Brianna, Samantha Ashley Alicia Mary Elizabeth; Marcus Eric Jimmy,Bree,Aaron,Adam,Corbin,Robon.BJ,Joey and BECKY sorry I can’t name you all.

I though Leo and I were so close and I know all parents think this we talked about every thing or so I though now I know he only told he what he wanted me to hear I would never in a million years though Leo had played this game before with three friends they need a buddy to help them when they go unconious why Leo tried this alone I will forever ask my self this question this game has been on oprah, fifth state .conviction We were sent a new paper article HERE NB March 30-April 6 about this game after Leo died and this us some peace also Please parents read up on this game.

To Jessie dad thank you for your phone call it was so thoughtful and we need to talk to someone who knows our pain I’m sorry we had to meet under horrible conditions I’m sorry Jessie play this game and also died at age 13

Thank you, to our family and friends also to Leo friends for ever thing you have done to My niece Chantelle  thank you I can never say enough you been there every step with me and held me up.

Leo had four passions his FAMILY, BECKY, FRIENDS, BMX

Our son Leo loved life to the fullest and made a horrible mistake on March 21 2006

Playing what he called space monkey alone he should have never played and if your reading this your child my too be trying this game please read up on the sign be aware talk to your kids,ask the schools to be award also your kids are important enough to get the information you need to know before this could happen to you.


On behalf of our family (Danny, Danielle and myself), I would like to send a huge 'THANK YOU' out to the following people/organizations:

Mr. John Evans & Ms Diane Kelly of the New Brunswick Medical Examiner/Coroner Office. After thirteen months of a thorough investigation, Leo’s ruling was officially classified as an 'Accidental Death (Choking Game)' There are also recommendations to create public awareness to parents, schools, police departments & health professional that this game exists, the signs to look for and to continue ongoing education.

We, Leo’s family, also want to thank you to all of you who stood by us during this horrible time in our lives. This goes out to our families, friends, neighbours and strangers who have become very close friends to us, To Jackie Foster from Global Six News for bringing this to the media she has & will saves lives she believed in Leo & Jesse Daviau .A huge thank you especially to Leo friends.

Leo was a caring, thoughtful & humble teenager and we never believed for a minute that he intended to leave us on March 21st, despite all the rumors that were heard concerning his death. He was simply a regular teenager that made a mistake by not knowing the possible effect that this game could have on him. He got caught up in this so-called game that kids (even as young as 6 yrs old) think is a quick high. Our family wants to educate all parents to recognize for the 'SIGNS' that we missed. Leo had marks on his neck had bloodshot eyes and he was irritable.he always had a headache .The most important thing I missed were his own word two day before he died ‘’MOM EVER HEAR OF SPACE MONKEY". Some of these signs may seem 'normal' and some children may have many different explanations for some of these signs but please do not dismiss them...talk to your child/children anyways. Educate yourself on this game, as the life that you save may very well be the life of your own child

We know that rumors are a part of life and as much as they hurt us, there is not much that can be done to prevent them, however now that we have the 'official' report that took 13 months to complete. We realize that the rumors that were said about Leo's passing were from people who did not know him. Leo's loved life, his family, his friends, BMX'ing and his girlfriend Becky. After Leo's death, she took a lot of verbal abuse from people (even people she called friends) who were looking to ease their own pain by laying blame on someone, when in fact Becky had nothing to do with what happened. The accident was simply a mistake! Our hearts went out to Becky during this time and they still do, as she loved Leo as much as we do. To Becky...'We love you!'

To everyone else: Thank you for all your continued support, love & prayers!

To our son: We love & miss you Leo. We are very proud of our Son and Danielle is very proud to be your sister. In life, you were always there to help people and after life, you are still helping. Because of your death, you have helped to save other lives by making this Choking Game recognized now in the Province of New Brunswick by professionals in health, law & education.

Ridin In Heaven  

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