Leo McPhee
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Sept 26,1986-March 21,2006
Leo Passed away on March 21, 2006 at the age of 16.

On behalf of our family (Danny, Danielle and myself), I would like to send a huge 'THANK YOU' out to the following people/organizations:

Mr. John Evans & Ms Diane Kelly of the New Brunswick Medical Examiner/Coroner Office. After thirteen months of a thorough investigation, Leo’s ruling was officially classified as an 'Accidental Death (Choking Game)' There are also recommendations to create public awareness to parents, schools, police departments & health professional that this game exists, the signs to look for and to continue ongoing education.

We, Leo’s family, also want to thank you to all of you who stood by us during this horrible time in our lives. This goes out to our families, friends, neighbours and strangers who have become very close friends to us, To Jackie Foster from Global Six News for bringing this to the media she has & will saves lives she believed in Leo & Jesse Daviau .A huge thank you especially to Leo friends.

Leo was a caring, thoughtful & humble teenager and we never believed for a minute that he intended to leave us on March 21st, despite all the rumors that were heard concerning his death. He was simply a regular teenager that made a mistake by not knowing the possible effect that this game could have on him. He got caught up in this so-called game that kids (even as young as 6 yrs old) think is a quick high. Our family wants to educate all parents to recognize for the 'SIGNS' that we missed. Leo had marks on his neck had bloodshot eyes and he was irritable.he always had a headache .The most important thing I missed were his own word two day before he died ‘’MOM EVER HEAR OF SPACE MONKEY". Some of these signs may seem 'normal' and some children may have many different explanations for some of these signs but please do not dismiss them...talk to your child/children anyways. Educate yourself on this game, as the life that you save may very well be the life of your own child

We know that rumors are a part of life and as much as they hurt us, there is not much that can be done to prevent them, however now that we have the 'official' report that took 13 months to complete. We realize that the rumors that were said about Leo's passing were from people who did not know him. Leo's loved life, his family, his friends, BMX'ing and his girlfriend Becky. After Leo's death, she took a lot of verbal abuse from people (even people she called friends) who were looking to ease their own pain by laying blame on someone, when in fact Becky had nothing to do with what happened. The accident was simply a mistake! Our hearts went out to Becky during this time and they still do, as she loved Leo as much as we do. To Becky...'We love you!'

To everyone else: Thank you for all your continued support, love & prayers!

To our son: We love & miss you Leo. We are very proud of our Son and Danielle is very proud to be your sister. In life, you were always there to help people and after life, you are still helping. Because of your death, you have helped to save other lives by making this Choking Game recognized now in the Province of New Brunswick by professionals in health, law & education.

from Lisa Copeland
leo was truely your angel
sent from God in heaven above.
his shocking death just
broke the hearts of everyone he loved.
When they found out that he had died
yous thought no it couldnt be
he was so alive - and then
just like that, he was gone.
A flame blown out in seconds,
Confirming your worst fears -
A light that shines no more on earth
for which you shed many tears.
But still he is your beacon
And leo knows you need him right now.
he hears all your prayers you say
Because they are answered somehow.
your wishes that he could of still been with you
But in a way rose he is here
remember leo as the
symbol of a rose,
so you know he can't be far.
Its still is quite a shock to you
the way leo died
But no one will forget him
each and every night
say good night
every morning say good morning
and every time you see a rose
remember its a sign from leo saying
mum i miss you but am fine
please let me see you smile more
for when i see you cry i know your heart is breaking
and my death has caused you so much pain
but remember mum i live threw you untill we meet again
And I love you, and there are no goodbyes

I found this poem from Leo's friend Cory that was missed placed Thank you Cory Glazier
This is for my friend Leo Louis Mcphee
In gods way was this meant to be?
Was this really your time?
Is that why I’m writing you this rhyme?
Were all missing so much
With your so pleasant sweet touch
Why did you play this choking game?
Down here you’ll always have your fame
It’s hard to deal with that we’ll never see your face
But now you left us and went to much better place
You shouldn’t have chosen this path
Now were all here dealing with god’s wrath
You’ve been gone for so long
It’s so hard for all of us to stay strong
When this all happened we all didn’t know how to react
This tragedy had a big impact
You have left us all so lost and confused
And now all of our hearts just has been bruised
I know you’re up there rolling with the kings
Now you’re watching over us with your angel wings
Nothing will ever be the same
From the result of you playing a foolish game
I’ve only known you since last year
And I’m going to miss you with great sincere
We still visit your grave at night
It’s truly a beautiful site
Your birthday passed away a month ago
As we look up at you we see you’re amazing glow
Sixteen years of age is too young
As were all so sprung
Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you
This is so hard to go through
I wish I could wake up from this dream
And realize you’ll be back on this team
Last time I seen you your face it was so white
Was it worth it reaching up for the light?
We all ask our self’s why
As we look up into the sky
Wishing you were back down here
Having you so close and near
 Amanda Cyr
Relationship with Leo: friend since gr 8 
poem for him 

god saw he was getting tired, and a cure was not to be, so he put his arms around him, and whispered come with me.

With tear-filled eyes we watched him, suffer and fade away, althogh we loved him deeply, we could not make him stay.

a golden heart stopped beating, hard-hands put to rest, god broke our hearts to prove to us, he only takes the best .....In memory of my good friend for 4 years love amanda marie cyr

A Christmas gift for Leo
written by his friend Kendra Speight
It's me; once again I'm under attack
The pain of missing you, please take it back
Feeling lost and alone and yet in a world full of friends
I need your angel voice, that's what I miss so much
Hoping your memory never fades away
In my heart is where you will always stay
No matter what life brings us in 2007
You will be watching over us up in sweet heaven
I can never forget what happened this year
No matter what we love and miss you my dear
Leo you are the brightest star in my sky
I know you're up there flying ever so high
Keep you head up is what they tell me
But the pain is just too hard, can't they see?
Yesterday was bad, today was worse
What did we do to deserve such a curse?
You're up there smiling big and bright
Watching as we fall asleep into the night
I pray you can hear me everyday
Just one sign, a dream, give me something to say
I miss you more today that I ever did before
But in the future I'll miss you more and more
I heard that true love never dies
What about a love that is between great friend's eyes?
I know my feelings now and i'm sorry I couldn't say them to you
Can you hear me now saying I love you?
We all miss you down here, I can't deny it
So many candles for you have been lit
As I close this prayer, please remember this
Leo you are who I love and miss
I know we will always be friends no matter how far apart
And as the New Year comes, it's time for a brand new start
Help me Leo; I'll need you to get through
My new year's resolution starts with you
I promise never to forget
But i'm getting my year figured out and set
I promise to be the best hairstylist I can be
And I'm gonna fulfill my dreams, all for me
I'll give credit to you for helping me through
I will be all that I can be, nothing less
My guardian angel, Marry Christmas and God Bless.

Marry christmas rose danny and danielle!!!!!!!!!!1 love yo uguys

A Christmas Poem From Amy

Everytime you need me dont look so far away
look inside your heart for thats where i went that day
I didnt go miles away, for i am deep within you
the darken grey sky suddenly goes light blue

and you realize

that im not really far apart
im deep within your heart
i live on in your memories
your smile, your laughter, the stories

you try to seize every minute of daylight
your sick of all the terror late at night
at the end of each day you know im not coming home
but im not really far, for in your heart is were I will forever roam

and on that day you realized

its okay, that you have to let go
you held your head high and silenty bistowd
all the dreams and fears we shared together
oh the memories between son and mother.

and soon he began to realize

he became an angel for more than just his mother
for he helped so many people come together
he took them all and joined them hand and hand; as he said goodbye
as he turned to face them all, a tear fell from his eye.

love amy..

The Season Spirit

It's the time of year when peace and love abound
But you, my son, held that spirit all the year round.
A loving and giving nature was your only way
You showed the Christmas spirit each and every day.

As a mother I am so proud to have you as my son
Of the way you lived your life and all the things you've done.
You put others before yourself, giving from your heart
A very generous and giving soul from the very start.

The memories I hold of you are very precious indeed
The gift of you as my son is all I really need.
I love you so very much and I miss you too
I'm saying prayers and sending love especially for you.

Christmas doesn't need to be a sad or lonely day
I'll think of you in Heaven and know that you're okay.
For I know you are an angel, it's what was meant to be
And I am so thankful that your angel mom is me.
A Poem written For Leo
by his friend Marcus Underhill

Your gone now when I need you the most
I hear your voice and I see your ghost
Good times around market square
Stupid mall pigs they're so unfair
But I couldn't just walk
All cause of her ,she just wouldn't talk
But school wasn't even how I met you
We met through another good friend and I got to say he misses you too
Chilling lower west us and the crew
All the crazy time I had with you
Vodka slushies and snowball fights
Partying it up all those nights
Many memories we shared together
If I wrote them all down it would take forever
So as I tear up and its harder to write
I know in my mind I won’t forget that night
Picked up the phone tried calling calling
Heard the news started bawling bawling
I just broke down didn't know what to do
Things are earths are so different without you
Its good to know your in a better place
But it gets harder knowing ill never see your face
But I keep going breathing living seeing
And I swear man I miss you with every fiber of my being
Things around here will never be the same
So I climb to the top thinking of you spitting my game
So many memories in such a short time with you
I miss you man and I hope you miss me too
Everyone being strong
Its been 4 long months since u been gone
Its crazy feels like such a short time ago
That we were walking lower messing around whipping snow
May have been jewwed some nights but we held up
Messing around and mixing drinks in a slushy cup
School was so weird with out you
Sitting out in gym was right different too
We used to sit there and make fun of BJ
But its not the same he don't get mad the same way
Last time sitting I remember from the gym
Is hustling your bracelets and running to win
But now things have settled down
I hope your enjoying it up there I know you've got a crown
You're a king down here and should be the same up there
Your the one that showed me what life's all about and how to care
Hope you living large and I hope to see you again one day
But till then I guess ill leave things alone this way

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Leo McPhee
We're living in a lie, this can't be right
you’re still here but yet you're out of sight.
God, help me, this is something I really can't do
we need you here to help us get through.
Why did you leave? Why aren't you here?
There are a lot of obstacles, life's hard to steer.
But once you're gone, there's no turning back
without you, my life is way off track.
Your family's strong, your friends are too
I thank God for them, they're helped me through
with out them I don't know where I’d be
I need you, miss you, love you, Leo McPhee.
It's hard holding on, and being so strong,
even harder knowing it's been so long.
You're everywhere I go, you're everything I see
Is this really how life's supposed to be?
Childhood memories, all still in my head
every night I pray to God, kneeling down by my bed.
If I could turn back time, I'd make everything right,
but going through this has taught me how to fight.
Your family is strong, your friends are too
I thank God for them, they're helped me through
with out them I don't know where I’d be
I need you, miss you, love you, Leo McPhee.
-Alisha Burr
Born in Canada on September 26, 1989.
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