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I lost to  / Nichole Lanser (None)  Read >>
I lost to  / Nichole Lanser (None)
I j hade a thirteen year old buddy who die of the choke game it still hurts b this day I am soory. For the lost Close
12 day's to Christmas  / Mom   Read >>
12 day's to Christmas  / Mom

Hi Honey

Well today is 12.12.12 wow that sound so weird there is allot going on in the next few weeks.Jill is having her Christmas party at her new home she only been married 5 months her husband Matt is very nice he is your friend Mikie brother.Aunt Mary is do good but now Uncle Steven in not to well Mary is worried about her husband I will anything I can to help them I know Jill is worried for her parents.

Dad has had a very bad days I hold him in my arms for you & in a few minutes and a long cry he is ok again me I cry in my pillow I would give up my life you be able to look into your eyes to see you smiling back at me ,Leo for christmas could you PLEASE PLEASE send me a sigh that you can hear me .I need you do damm much I have lost myself and can't find the person I once was

Kiss baby I love you and God I so much miss you

Happy Birthday Darling  / Mom   Read >>
Happy Birthday Darling  / Mom
Happy Birthday in Heaven My Child

Please help those all around me, to see and understand
That even though my child’s in heaven
The memories of our time together, are always here to stay
You see today is special, after all it’s my child’s birthday

I hope my friends will understand and see how much I care
And better yet can lend an ear, and smile as I share.
I pray they never lose a child or ever know this pain.
I just want them to know, my child’s memories remain

Oh yes today is special, another birthday it should be…
And yes I wish my child was here, but it wasn’t meant to be
I hope the angels sing aloud; I hope my child can see
As we celebrate their life and all their memories…

Love for our child begins so early and never goes away
And I’m grateful for their time on earth, but sad they couldn’t stay
Of course it wasn’t long enough, but how wonderful it was
Their laugh, their smile, but most of all, the gifts they left behind

So I hope that those around, can see beyond my smile
And my Words that, "I'm okay."
And know that yes today is special,
And join along with me
As we celebrate – today – my child’s birthday

My precious Leo  / Mom   Read >>
My precious Leo  / Mom

Hi Honey I don't know where to turn or who to talk too ,I am slowly falling apart it been too longwithout you God the pain never stops I feel like a piece of glass that has been shattered the shardes of glass stab my heartwith each breatht I take .I am a roller coaster that goes high then swiftly fall down Leo if you can read this your Momreallyneed you to know Than I love you and miss you every second.We were not only Mother and Son we were bestfriends remember how we used to finish each other sentence and both burst out laughing it been forever since I laugh.I remeber we would watch movie together all the time we had our special movies night.I am so lost Leo and no one see it your dad don't see me falling oh Leo if only for a second you could back and take me with you.

I love you my very precious Leo

miss you man  / Mason Sheehan (best friend )  Read >>
miss you man  / Mason Sheehan (best friend )
hey Leo been thinking of you today things are real hard right now and i know if you were hear you'd be right beside me seeing me through this. Man i wish you were here its almost too hard. Close
Hey my big brown eye boy  / Mom   Read >>
Hey my big brown eye boy  / Mom

Leo I miss you evry second I can't stop the hurting inside my heart it so shattered.I talk to all the time but I don't think you can hear me.I sit and wonder if your looking for me if your ok .Do you cry as I do ? my mind is like a stormy ocean is like huge waves fill my head the fog is confusing yesterday I actually nearly passed out my head was spinning so much my tears would not stop I could not see for the dizziness was blinding me I had to crawl to the washroom to be sick then I laid on the floor until the sicknes stop I was not sure to call 911 but then I though maybe I was dying and I be with you.When Donna died on Juli 15 I felt jealous that she would be with you and not I .I miss my bestfriend but I know how much you loved her too she was like your second mama.Peter Melissa & Chelsea are doing ok or what ever ok is.Leo sometime can you visit Vince he so good to you he light a candle everday & also of Meddy she makes such beautiful graphic for you Leo yesterday when I was dying inside she sent a Thanksgiving picture and it was if she was sending it for you.I always say Vince and Her are truly earth bound angels their love is truly uplefting to a broke soul.

Bye Baby I miss you your amazing hug smileyour big brown eyes looking back at me your famous forehead kissyour hi mom your my showgirl and baby I miss us.

Love you my sweet<3

Happy Thanksgiving Darling I miss you  / Mom   Read >>
Happy Thanksgiving Darling I miss you  / Mom
hey dude  / Rob   Read >>
hey dude  / Rob
hey man can believe its been 5 years ill se ya again sometim man hope your still ridin love ya bro RIP live to ride Close
Tomorrow is Mother's Day  / Mom   Read >>
Tomorrow is Mother's Day  / Mom
My dearest Leo it’s mother’s day I miss you so deeply I have cried a river of tears my heart is over flowing with sorrow and pain I look for you everywhere I go and fall apart daily. I wish it was me who died I wanted you to have such an amazing life. I wanted you to have the love of a wife the happiness and unconditional love of see your child for the first time. My days go by slowly I don’t have anyone to talk to I am beyond crushed Leo I can’t do this without you I miss you looking into my eyes and see love looking back at me I miss your hugs that almost crushed me I miss your daily kisses to my forehead and God !I miss your voice. I was telling Kendyl the other day how you would sneak into the school bathroom and call me just to say hey Mom I love you I would give anything to hear your voice .Anyway I will stop mow because I’ m crying again feeling sorry for myself I need you to know I will be ok just make you always stay close to me ok honey
I’ll love you forever-I’ll like you for always -as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be
5 years..Hardest day of the year.  / Vaness Miller (friend)  Read >>
5 years..Hardest day of the year.  / Vaness Miller (friend)
today marks 5 years for you Leo all i can think about how things would be today if you were still here.. just one more day one more time.. id be satisfied with just that.. You left this world so quick and the fact that noone got to say goodbye will hurt me til we meet again.. .. i miss you Leo what more can I say?.. Im taking this so much harder then i thought.. Man.. Close
Merry Christmas  / Jo-Ann Pacenta Lauren's Mom (Mom of an angel )  Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Jo-Ann Pacenta Lauren's Mom (Mom of an angel )

For Leo  / Diante Wayne ((Braden Erickson's friend) )  Read >>
For Leo  / Diante Wayne ((Braden Erickson's friend) )
Hey Leo!!! Wanted to tell you how much you're missed by everyone. You meant to everybody. Wow you're 21...... My brother just turned 22 this week. Yeah it's a good age. You wouldve become a man. You could have started a band. Playing guitar is fun. I remember playing since 9th grade. Good times. I see everyone posting your birthday wishes. Braden's birthday is not til two months. He will be 19. I can't wait to see him. You guys are so missed. Close

My love  / Mom   Read >>
My love  / Mom

If I could visit heaven even for a day maybe for a momentThe pain would go away I would put my arms around you and never let you go I'd whisper words so true that living life without youIs the hardest thing to do. No matter how I spend my days no matter what I do No morning dawns or evening falls when I don't think of you I love you my darling

it's such a shame for us to part  / Amy (Friend)  Read >>
it's such a shame for us to part  / Amy (Friend)

Rose Danny Danielle!

I think of you guys often - I know the pain never goes away but I hope somewhere deep inside knowing Leo is in God's hands that you can find some comfort.
I LOVE YOU GUYS SOO MUCH! I need to come visit soon.

leo- i miss you love you <3

Thank you for sharing Leo  / Judi Lynn   Read >>
Thank you for sharing Leo  / Judi Lynn
I gasped as I read Leo's mother telling about the day Leo asked her "have you heard of space monkey" because those were the words I heard today from my 11 year old.  Thank God I went straight to the internet and that's where I found Leo's story.  After he got home my son spent the next hour on pages like Leo's but Leo really struck a cord with him - he is also a skater.  Thank you for sharing Leo he may have saved my son's life.  I hope that can be a small bit of peace for all of those who are huring everyday.  Even though I never met him I will remember Leo for the rest of my life.  Close
Hi Honey  / Mom   Read >>
Hi Honey  / Mom

Hi Baby

Well another school year ends for some reason it tears me up I have not got of bed for two days. Dad fell apart again the other day he said Rose I thought this pain was healing God how wrong I was

 Leo I try to go on honest I really do but I can't without Leo there is not a moment I think of you I am haunted with fears of how you areand if you are looking for your Mom do you cry for me like I cry for you.There was two kids killed this weekend God I knew the pain another family was going to feelHow lost they would be. I sent a small note of comfort to their families I hope it helps but knows it won't.I want you to visit Vince for me tell him how much your Mom apprecate his love and prayers he such a kind soul he nevers forgets

I got to go Honey I feel like my heart is going to bust in a million pieces it like I can't breathe I am shattered and can't be put back together again

Love you darling always

Leo Louis McPhee  / Amy (school friend. )  Read >>
Leo Louis McPhee  / Amy (school friend. )

I remember still the day i found out of your death i remember the look apon my friends faces i remember the pain in your families heart and i wondered why this had to happen Leo I still think of you a lot ! Your family means so much to me Leo and I still have yet to understand why this happened but through it all you taught so many people the value of friends of life of moments to treasure and although grief still strikes many hearts I can smile when I think you my friend Leo because you taught me so much while you were here and you still continue to teach me things.
Thank you for never giving up on your friends & for always loving your family!
you are truly and deeply missed.
Lovee you ! and many prayers!

Rose Danny & Danielle
my thoughts and prayers are still with you the pain is like a ripping tide im sure an emotional rollercoaster without the thrill but there is healing in moments like these your son will forever walk with you and so will we his friends. you will always have your son in your hearts and i am so proud of you guys and i can only imagine how proud he is too!
take care i lovee you guys a lot!!


Missin you  / Cory Glazier (Friend)  Read >>
Missin you  / Cory Glazier (Friend)
Hey Man I've been really missing you latly their's is not one day that goes by that I don't think of you I broke down bad last night..just thinkin all the times you partyed at my old house & and my sister's place on St James Street..just still feels like one big dream..this month been real hard on all of us and your... 4 years is comin up next sunday Leo...Like I won't be able to handle it..It's been 4 years to long that you been away from friends & family Everyone is missin you Leo expecially your mom Were all here for eachother and your mom needs you the most Anyways man just thought Id write something cause I haven't spoke to you in a lil bit Rest In Peace Leo Mcphee Live To Ride. Close
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