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Missing You Like Crazy!  / Sarah Cavan   Read >>
Missing You Like Crazy!  / Sarah Cavan

Leo, I came on to write to you and before I did I read what Gabby wrote and it's like she took the words right out of my mouth like what she wrote I was thinking the excat same thing, I Have been missing you like crazy these past couple of months, I couldn't come on here cause it hurt so bad, It's been so hard and if I am hurting this bad I can just imagine your family, I know your mom is is hurting bad and I wish there was something I could do to help her, She is such an amazing person Leo, Im so happy to have her in my life, I want to do everything I can to help stop this game, I will be spreading the word of this dangerous game untill I take my last breath on this earth.

There are so many things I want to say to you but it is so hard to write them down without crying. Im always thinking of you I could be doing anything and then you would pop into my mind and I would just say to myself I wish you were here with us all right now, It hasn't been the same with you not here, and it never will be.

I miss you and love you so much Leo


I miss you so much.  / Gabrielle Poirier   Read >>
I miss you so much.  / Gabrielle Poirier
I'm sorry that I haven't been on here as much as I should be. But it's just , I miss you more than anything in the world & lately things have been reminding me of you like crazy. Kendyl is growing into the most beautiful young lady Leo , you would be so absolutly proud . I still haven't babysat her in a long long time , it's so hard for me because the one time I babysat her , I looked at her and saw your amazing face. I love her like she is my own family , but it was just so hard.

Leo , I really hope you are watching over your mom with everything you have. She has to be the strongest woman that I have ever laid eyes on. She does anything and everything to spread the word about the Choking Game . We all went to your walk and there was such a good turn out , I hope you were watching. Please bless your mother with happiness , because she misses you so much Leo .. I love her very much and I hate to see her sad.. She is like an angel watching over all of us , and she has you to watch over her , so please take good care of her .

I hope that Jodi is up there keeping you company , I miss her soo much .. but when she passed I knew you would be up there waiting for her to be her friend. I hope you are both very happy & i love & miss you. I have to go now though because I'm crying so hard... ILU INU & IMU.

ps ; I still ride the bus around everyday , except that now i'm all alone , but sometimes I still talk to you.. hoping you will be there. Close
sending Love & thanks  / PAM, JAMIE'S MOM   Read >>
sending Love & thanks  / PAM, JAMIE'S MOM

Dear Rose, and Family,

Just wanted to send my love and thanks to you.  I know Leo is always watching over us and eveyday something comes to mind to make me think of your brown eye boy.  And like the song I hear on the Radio, " Me and My Gang" and as I sit on my patio and look down theres a Lady bug sitting by me.  Don't ever give up hope , and don't ever give up faith, for I know you;ll see your boy again.

I wanted to send you this thanks that I put on Jamie's tribute to help others . 

Your always in my thoughts and prayers, and have been striving to get an income started, but I trust in the Lord to bring it all 2gether for us.,

Sincere thank you. I added this to Jamie's site ,but wanted to send it to you as well. 

I wanted to send a Thank you to all who sent prayers by lighting candles, thoughts, visits e-mails and calls on Jamie’s 2nd year Memorial. It’s all greatly appreciated and I love you all. It helps me to cope each and everyday and to make July 8th a special day in Jamie honor, you all help to makes it happen. Sorry, I haven’t been on the sites much lately I’m finding it much too difficult, but am building up my strength and faith and want to be there for you all again, when I get strong again. Also, on this Journey of Loss, grief and sorrow, comes a new hope, Faith and Love in my walk with Our Lord and Savior. I put my complete trust & faith in the Lord. I know we have been chosen for his great plan and one great day he will bring us all 2 gather again.

Even though everyday is still such a struggle, I know without a doubt I couldn’t have made it thus far with out God, Our Lord and the Heaven’s above and love from family & friends and all of you who visit the site. And knowing my Jamie spirit lives on and his love continues on. Keeps me striving for the eternal glory….for one awesome day I will hold my Jamie again…forever and always…

Also I have been very busy in trying to launch a new business, In Jamie’s honor.
With the help from above a new business adventure is formed and inspired to begin “Hopey’s Heavenly Gifts & Treasures.” ( A Home Gift shop of Handmade Dried Flower arrangements , Gift Baskets , Inspirational gifts and more. ) I’ve started loading some of the pics on Face book of some of my products I do.

I have been working on launching this for some time, but like any business is slow starting and not too mention it’s tough when your weighed down with grief and sorrow, and when your physically , mentally, emotionally drained, BUT THIS IS WHERE I KNOW GOD IS GIVING ME STRENGTH, NOT ONLY to GET OUT OF BED AND GET MY SELF DRESSED (WHICH SOME DAYS IS ALL I’m ABLE TO DO AS I KNOW MOST OF YOU CAN RELATE TO) God is helping me to cope each day and to show me ways I can work from home on this new business and heal as I go. I don’t ever care about getting rich, in the all mighty dollar , as long as I can make enough to take care for my family and again I put my trust in the Lord , b/c He has promised to prosper us see (Jeremiah 29:11)and is blessing us in ways of providing my basics needs, comfort , love and PEACE. TO LET HIM TAKE CARE OF ALL THESE THINGS, AND THE JOY THAT COMES WITH KNOWING GOD IS WITH ME EVERY MOMENT I NEED HIM.. B/C WHEN I DON’T THINK I CAN MAKE IT TO THE NEXT MOMENT, HE ALWAYS SHOWS ME I CAN.

I only hope that this may help who ever reads it, to know even though we suffer greatly now, consider it a blessing when you suffer all kinds of trials, James 1-3 because we are chosen for his plan. And I know my Jamie has been called to the heavens b/c of the great person he is and I know I God has chosen us for this, b/c he knew it was going to bring me closer to him. And if I can help one person, from the everyday hell that we go through please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I will gladly keep you in my prayers.

Leo her is God Daughter Alannah  / MOM   Read >>
Leo her is God Daughter Alannah  / MOM
i miss my friend  / Vanessa `. Miller (Friend)  Read >>
i miss my friend  / Vanessa `. Miller (Friend)

I miss a friend, who truly turned my life around. When trying to go thru the pictures, and the memories, I start to cry, because I know Im never going to beable to have those memories.. or beable to see that beautiful face looking at me..

Its been a rough 2 and some years Leo.. Thank you for all the signs you've given me. Please know i dont intentionally mean to not come visit you.. but it seems that it gets harder and harder everydayy.

Right now, its even hard to type this, becasue i feel as if everything I say is wrong.

I just miss you so much.. and I wish I could do something that could bring you back. Because if there was something.. I would do it in a hearbeat..

Also, a good friend, Shana Berryman lost her life last weekend, and I was wondering if you could keep her safe for me? I know you will.. she's a party animal just like you. I miss you both dearly..and I need to know your both okay.

I love you so much, and I cannot wait to see you again.

Love always,

Nessa Miller

Prom in heaven ?  / Mom   Read >>
Prom in heaven ?  / Mom
Tonight your prom night you will never see
Or a beautiful princess on your arms
Listen & dancing to your favorites songs
Who would be your date be it’s a mystery to me
I have imagine you in a tux
So charming & handsome beyond belief
My little man who never grew up
Sweet sixteen you will always be
Tonight I will sleep with tears on my pillow
That will run down my cheeks
Then again it’s the usual thing
It another first that I hear so much
It a kick in the gut I know so well
It’s where grief now dwells
Tonight I did not see what I wanted to see
My Leo’s being the man he always wanted to be
I love you dearly can you see
I pray for a sign or a message
From heaven saying
To say mom I am ok
I am with you I love you to
I will visit you mommy real soon

to Leo's friend please be happy & safe have a awesome time and make new wonderful memories

Remember smile you are our future

and I love each of you for all you have done for your friend my son memory & for his family

God Bless you all

Leo today June 17, 2008 would be your prom night
I remember you saying mom I always wanted to wear a tux
A James Bond Tux (I wish you had the chance)
I can only imagine who you prom date would have been
Maybe Becky maybe not who ever she was she would have been the luckiest girl
To have you as her date
I pray all your friends have an awesome time I also pray they are safe
Maybe you could watch over them tonight & always
They have been so good to us Leo
I am torn again with your prom & graduation only days away
It’s another first that we have learned to cope with
I miss you so much I cry inside daily I ache beyond belief
I miss the time we would have had shopping for a tux I know you would be so handsome God Leo I wish I could just die and be with you
I miss our talk I am ashamed to say this Leo but I forget you voice
I forget the sound of your laughter but Heaven certainly know it
When you friends & fellow classmates walk across the stage
I know you will be with them you would not miss out on such a special occasion
It I who will miss out but I am so proud of you sweetie I can imagine this in my head, maybe you on your special night
I can hear you say ok mom where my lecture about no drinking, drugs & sex
You would say oh mom you’re taking then fun out of it and you laugh so hard
I got to go now Leo my tears make it hard for me type
Please remember that

Summer's Comming<3  / Sarah Cavan (friend)  Read >>
Summer's Comming<3  / Sarah Cavan (friend)

Well Leo another summer is comming and I think its gunna be a hot one lol, I wish you were here to enjoy it, I also wish that you were here to celebrate my 19th birthday on the 26th but i know you will be here in my heart. Watch over you family Leo, there still having a hard time with you not here as well as your friends I know I am. As each passing day goes by I think about you, and what would you be doing, well thats kinda easy you would probably be enjoying the sun on your bike lol. Miss you Buddie, ilu.

Love Sarah<3

WAS IT A DREAM ?  / MOM   Read >>

Last night I had a dream or I think it was, you held me in your arms whispered I am so proud of you, I keep saying no I am proud of you I miss you are you ok
Do you need me like I need you the peace in my heart at that moments was extraordinary I felt such warm & comfort it was the cushion I had need then as the morning brought sunshine birds were sing their songs I awoke to a feeling did this happen God let me sleep again to the moments of reunion with my child I begged for the peace in my heart I wanted to be with my son not here on this earth .
Leo my days are so long & lonely,my mind is constanly fluided with images of memories that tear me apart ,I don't know where to turn or where to go becasue every where I turn your not here.

They say I need to live again that I need to let you go.but i can't do that you & I were soul mates we both had the same exact birthmark in the exact same spot Leo I can't stand this life without you but I will until God tap my shoulder & say's Rose your son needs his mom again welcome home !





Leo i can't seem to allow my mind to acept your gone

I can't seem to believe that I will never hold my child

I can't believe what grief does to you or a family

it destroys who you once where /the lost of a child

I still can't believe i am saying that for me you are on vacation I can't live without you I don't want to life without you

the grief in asoul slowly eats at you and I am tired of this devestation haunting pain in my soul.

Leo I miss you can you here me I miss you i miss us our nightly long chats oh my God Leo how can i let go for if Ido i will surly go insane .

I'll like you for always

I'll love you ever

as long as i'm living

my BABY you'll be

To A Great Friend<3  / Sarah Cavan (Friend)  Read >>
To A Great Friend<3  / Sarah Cavan (Friend)

Leo, you were a great friend to me and to anyone who knew you, You were always willing to help out anybody if they needed it, not a day goes by that I don't think of you, The walk was yesterday and it went great so many people showed up tp support this and Leo I promise to help spread the word about it in anyway I can. Your mom has also been great with her emails to me. Im so glad that your mom and I talk Leo, You would be so proud of her leo she is doing everything she can to help. I can remember the last time we hung out and we were talking about family and at the end of it I had told you that I would love to meet your family cause the way you talked about them so much. Well Leo I finally did and im so glad you mom is an amazing women. Watch over us Sweet Angel and remember we all love and miss you
Love Sarah



A Mother's love  / Jo-Ann Pacenta Lauren's Mom (Another mother who cares )  Read >>
A Mother's love  / Jo-Ann Pacenta Lauren's Mom (Another mother who cares )
Mother's Day Blessings  / Family Of William Myers   Read >>
Mother's Day Blessings  / Family Of William Myers

Terry & Nicole Wedding  / Mom   Read >>
Terry & Nicole Wedding  / Mom

My Dearest Leo ,

Your cousin Terry's wedding was beautfiul ,yes he did shed a tear to see his adorable wife walk down the isle had Terry very emotional ,as us all.

Hillary & Hannah were the most adorale flowers girls every ,Uncle Leo & Aunt Karen were also very beautiful all dressed up ,your Uncle Leo gave your dad a huge hug at the Church it was very touching to see Dad & his big brother hugging,I made a video for ur Uncle Leo of some wedding pictures of the wedding I also but a song to the video a song I was saving for your wedding day ,I knew this will never be so I gave the song of a fathers love for his son on his wedding day to Uncle Leo,I wanted Terry & Uncle Leo to know that we love them and were very excited to share this amazing day with them.

Your Dad & I were not to good Sunday we were torn our hearts ached for you I guess it another one of the first everyone talks about like the first birthday,christmas,now wedding with out you I am so soory I cried so hard I did not what you to see me like that. I felt you last night the first time I felt so very warm & calm that for some reason the second time I felt scared I was afraid I could feel you hugging me I am so sorry I said to stop ,Leo I was afraid of the feeling I was not sure what had happened so please please please Leo do not stay away I did not mean for you to go I can't stand it without you in my life I need you ,I want you ,I sometimes feel you calling me & I am not there

Love Mom

Jersey Girls  / Xoxoox   Read >>
Jersey Girls  / Xoxoox
Hi Rose just want to say thru my tears I haven't been here in a while & just saw your God Daughter WOW she's a doll...Her smile looks like someone is tickeling her...& it's probably Leo wanting her to smile pretty for the camera...She's so cute...we miss talking to you Hope the boys are having fun for Marks 20th wish we had them all here :( but I bet they are having fun. TTYS XOXOXOOXOXOOXOXJG Close

Hey angels hope your Have an extra special Day for Marks Bday Happy 20 Mark

Thoughts / Carole Mom To Angel Heather Bates (connected by angels )  Read >>
Thoughts / Carole Mom To Angel Heather Bates (connected by angels )
Thinking about Leo and his family  / Diante Wayne (Braden Erickson's friend )  Read >>
Thinking about Leo and his family  / Diante Wayne (Braden Erickson's friend )
I've been thinking about Leo's friends the other day. I feel sorry  for them. They must be going through hard times. If  I was there, I could tell them how I feel. I lost my friend, Braden from this game. I really need him. I miss his smile. His smile melts my heart. I wish can see him make Leo laugh. I could picture him right now. I think Leo is a wonderful person with alot of love and attention to him. I'll see him in my dreams. I'll be so happy to see these boys. We will hang out together in heaven and play around. I hope Leo's friends and his parents stay strong. You will be in my dreams, Leo. Close
Thinking of you  / Sue McCarthy(Kyle's Mom)   Read >>
Thinking of you  / Sue McCarthy(Kyle's Mom)

Dear Rose and family. Just to let you know that I am thinking of Leo and all your family and friends. That 2 year mark can be just as hard as that first year and hope you all came through ok. I can't imagine any anniversay date will ever be easy for any of us. What a wonderful idea about the walk! Please let me know how that goes. We did a bowl-a-thon and was also thinking about a walk someday.

Thank you also Rose for all the messages you send our way for all those special occasions. They really help get thru those days. All my prayers and love your way. (I now Leo and Kyle are together up there and are watching out for us)




Your In our Hearts Forever  / Your Friends   Read >>
Your In our Hearts Forever  / Your Friends

We miss you !

Always Remembered for your
Compassionate heart
Infectious smile
we will Never forgot you


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